Thursday, December 11, 2008

I realize, if I weren't me, I'd totally hate me.
I'm so spoilt and I am such a happy, happy girl! :D:D

Today, like the rest of most days in life (okay, I won't be saying this when I have one of those another-day-in-life-days), was just absolutely lovely.
I sat in the hairdressers' from 11am to 4.30pm getting my gooooooooorgeous pink and purple streaks. These, by the way, because of the brand, are said to last up to six months. (actually she said eight, but I'm just going to give it lee way)
Besides, for colours such as these, most are glad if they last a month.
Which, by the way, they normally don't. The first time I ever died my hair, it was blue and it faded within a week and a half and kept fading until it was a gross algae colour and looking limp and dead-frog-like for most of the time. eek.
So, usually, if you want colours such as these, you bleach your hair til it's half dead and pick out colours that fade to nicer colours. Bearing in mind, of course, that you'll only get your super nice red/pink/blue/whatever random electric colour for a grant total of max two weeks.

For example, chat among the fellow "lets put super random colours on our head" people have pointed out that pink often fades to an orangey colour which is quite bearable and sometimes even nice. Gee, anything is nice compared to algae.
Bunny did pink too and when it faded, it seemed very light and not too bad.
Red ends up sort of orangey too. Purple fades til your lock of hair looks like a vaguely purple-tinted lock of blonde.

From what Jessie (superb hairdresser who I've been going to for three years) said, I'll probably be more likely to dye over the colour or chop it off rather than watch it fade, considering how long it's said to last.
But we've all agreed, three four months is more than enough time to enjoy such gorgeous colours. Then your roots start showing and you starting wanting to shave your head.

So, what a marvellous start to the day, no?
Then mommy and I bought matching phones. Very very pretty.
It's a strange feeling, and this is a first time. I used to use my phones until they were half dead, buttons half gone and absolutely could not, COULD NOT use them anymore.
Now I'm looking at my old baby, the first I bought for myself, and feel like I can't give her up.
I really loved her camera by the way. hmmm. (I should point out now that my baby is a she. Both my phone and my laptop.)

So yes I'm a very happy girl but with all this, also comes this renewed sense of fear of becoming terribly materialistic. Which I never quite thought I was.

Aye, it's too late for rants.
I'm going to name my new baby.


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