Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Christmas

I'm getting sick of the word "merry".

It's Christmas, and it's my 517th post.
There's a whole lot of stuff that point to certain days being special but you know, whatever.

Everything and everywhere's closed, here on Christmas day.
So I bathed in the morning (which must mean it's damn special because just imagine the cold!),
and spent the next half hour on my makeup and whatever, and then realized thaaaaaat
we ain't goin' nowhere today.

Not that I mind, I guess.
My throat hurts like crazy, think I'm coming down with something.

Anyway, random update for you guys!
Number of new pairs of shoes at this point: Three!
A pair of gorgeous Aldo heels (for an unbelievable price!) which are a bit higher than my six inchies.
A gorgeous pair of new boots from Nine West
Tommy Hilfiger black flats.

I don't know why the older generation seem to have this grotesque habit of shouting at the lump in bed, before checking anything.
My grandma starts yelling at my mother's ill and sleeping figure, and my grandfather just yelled at my aunt who's also sick and in bed.
I'm ill but I think I'm gonna go out for a walk instead.

Anyway, I headed out to Pasadena with Aunty Joanna yesterday. Everywhere was shut, even most of the restaurants. So we went to The Cheesecake Factory where I had a gorgeous rasberry cheesecake.

My my! What a lovely Christmas.
(sorry couldn't help that)
It's nice, really. I would say nice and quiet but it's not.

Oh yes, the first thing that happened to me on Christmas Day (like, after I woke up) :
My grandma walked in on her daughter (my mom) opening her present from us.
"Is it for their uncle?" She asks in cantonese. My mom says it's hers but my grandmother's rattling on and doesn't here.
"It's a fantastic gift for their uncle, considering their drinking habits and all that!"
"It's for me, mom." My mother says.
I'm right next to her, watching her open her present because I love watching people open presents.
"So you've to bring that on the plane? Hand-carry?!" My grandmother says, her voice raising.
Voices raise very easily over here.
"I guess," My mom says, smiling at me, "It's lovely."
"WAH!" My grandmother exclaims, "HOU (hen) HOU STUPID AH!"
Doesn't stop at just that though.
"Very very stupid! Very stupid!"

I push past and go into the living room, where starting from a couple of hours ago, the family's been unwrapping presents and whatnot.
"Merry Christmas!" I say. Like I was never in that room.
And as if to push me past any limits I might have, my grandmother comes into the living room, my mom trailing behind her, and she's still yelling,

It was a five piece martini set.

My mom told me not to bother about what she said. But it's not that easy, really.
Still, I don't think I should whip out my blade on Christmas day.
Now I'm just trying to pick between comfort/ease/thrill as opposed to uhm, well nothing.

Don't worry, I won't.
I think I'm going to let my OCD kick in and start packing my fantastic buys.

After a bit of me-time in the cold of course.

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