Wednesday, December 24, 2008

and there are penguins, passed out in cocktail glasses and smiling at me with glazed eyes.

I still think I look awful and that you look incredibly cute.
So, indulge me.

I'm sitting in my red jammies. The ones TLC bought for me last Christmas. Mommy's in her matching white ones, with penguins all over it.

It's been a nice day, although it seemed particularly short.
Was incredibly cold and my mood ring(which is spoilt, and so, shows the opposite colour) turned a very very dark blue.(usually it means it's very hot, but my ring is a bit mad)
So, as wished upon me, I stuffed my face with cotton candy which was a lovely swirl of both pink and blue and cost about five bucks and COULD NOT be finished, even among JoeJoe (my cousin), TLC and I. Wow, eh?
So it's sitting in the fridge and is very nice and fluffy. I loooove.

We also bought slabs of fudge, as we always do.
It's just like, omg, just like insanely good, solidified chocolate.

My grandmother gave me this very cute ring, with real, albeit tiny, diamonds in it and a small ruby in the centre, alongside a couple of stones.
It's very pretty but, because she's so small,it only fits on my ring finger.
Mommy says it's perfect then, for keeping boys away. What in the world!

Anyway, it's not doing me much good, an hour into Christmas eve and listening to such a sad sappy, lonely song.
While back in Singapore, I scheduled a Christmas post for you girls, just in case I never managed to get to a computer. Keep a look out hons(:

I hear D's coming back! Please hug her for me(:

Have fun you guys.
KNN that sounded rather sad. I'm not.
Have fun!


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