Monday, December 22, 2008

It's my 510th post

I'm in LA.

The journey was nice, but obviously we're all quite jetlagged.
I guess it's perpetuated by the move and the fact that we did not sleep at all right before flying off.
Should've brought Heather, they've got wireless, unlike last time.
Anyways, it'd have been better not bringing her than bringing her for naught.

It's nine pm right now, we're still on Sunday (Dec 21st) and I'm just going to shower and freaking crawl into bed because I am insanely tired.
I've always been excited about coming to LA.
The anticipation is sometimes the best part.

Well, I was too busy and tired to look forward to the trip. Coupled with this expectation that it's not all going to be ladeeda-ish and we might very well just be left to our own devices this trip. But it's been great in the first few hours, and I almost feel bad for having expected any less.

Their hugs are still just as tight, my grandmother's talk of me (to the relatives) just as fond, my aunts and uncles just as doting.
The celebratory dinner tonight was really nice. The entire family, plus some friends, came down. My cousin turned twenty-nine and we had a gorgeous tiramisu cake.

I've been speaking more cantonese than English, except to my sister.
Especially because my youngest cousin speaks brilliant cantonese in all her five years of age. It is sooo utterly adorable.

I'll be Christmas shopping tomorrow.

Give Bird hugs for me because I can only blow kisses at my screen,
and Thank You Victor, for picking up the shit we've left in pieces.

Love you guys, will update(:

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