Monday, April 19, 2010

the things you hold on too tight to,

they will promise to slip right through your fingers.

I've never understood why some people feel that their lives are all about holding on as tight as they possibly can to all the good things they have, and never letting go.

It's a lie, I say, a lie from the media!
They make people believe that if you don't capture whatever good thing you have going for you, stuff it under your shirt and weigh it down with the weight of yourself,
then it will disappear. That good thing you have going; your job, your relationship with your children, the person who actually did call back the next morning, it will run away and you will feel lost and empty for the rest of your life.


I think people need to get used to the idea that nothing will stay put for too long.
Instead of drawing up elaborate plans of how to shackle this good thing to your ankle forever, just sit around and appreciate for Chrissakes.

Maybe that's what my grouse is.
That some people can't seem to appreciate.
Thinking about how someone else is so much more fortunate because they get to live in your favourite chocolate shop while you can only come in on weekends, is not appreciating the time you actually get to spend in the chocolate shop.

We always believe we deserve so much more.
We don't, not really. Hell, we don't even deserve half the nice things that happen to us.

So I think sometimes we need to learn to shut the fuck up,
sit back, breatheand just enjoy it for as long as you get to.

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