Sunday, April 11, 2010

On the front lobe of my left side brain

So I really didn't foresee this massive bumming around at Vee's yesterday, but it was pretty awesome and much needed i suppose.

I finally managed to watch a couple of eps from Season 5 of How I Met Your Mother.
Except Lily pisses the fucking crap out of me,

Okay, I'm good now.

Hmm, a lot of messy mess that needs to be cleaned up.
It's not my mess though, but I wish I could be of more help to be honest.

Yesterday evening saw me having dins with the band, well most of. Wang and Deb joined us for the 11pm surprise. And Asher, darling that he is, pushed his plans back to hang out more.
It was lovely, seeing them as they were, hearing them catch up. They'd randomly go, "okay, lets not do NS talk with Charis!" But really, I honestly didn't mind because they were catching up and having fun and I liked seeing them like that.
Truly, I did.(:
So yes, they met Hilbert in person and listened and wowed.
And yes, Wesley, one day that will be you and my adorable children will clamber onto the stage and scream your name!
As if meeting up wasn't celebration enough, ROSHEN PASSED HIS DRIVING IN THE MORNING! So yes, drinks last night might just have been one of those last nights where he doesn't have to plan in advance whether or not he'll be drinking. aye.

So it was altogether quite good.
And we all clambered back home a little after one, save for Asher who was heading off for his life. hahaha.

It's Sunday!
And I'm having an all out family day with the family.
Sort of.
We ordered in Dominos for brunch and it was good. Grammy called though and so after the first ten minutes, it was just The Little Creature and I, and Glee, which was on telly.

I wanted to go for a swim, except, Sod's law being what it is,
the sun's gone down now. RAWR.
Maybe I'll go blade instead. I don't know.
Maybe I'll go be a disgusting little git and go sleep. TEEHEE

So, the Vineyard Loft dates are all set, and rehearsals are sort of booked.
This will be good.
It will be gooooooood(:
I'm terribly excited, and I've missed the boys so much! ACK.

So world, look out,
A Boy Named Sue, in its full glory, will be playing end of June(:

May, it looks a bit funny.
I don't do this, but hmm, lets just have a lookie-look shall we?

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