Saturday, April 24, 2010

We're nose to nose, lip to lip and I have no idea what she's thinking.
My thoughts are fleeting, but they come back after.
Curl up in a corner like a dozey cat and pretend that they've been there the entire time,
they haven't, not really.

And I don't know about comparisons, of any sort, or their existence. I don't know about lies, whether they're white or not, or even accidental.
I suppose there's always a thing or two that you say because it's the first thing that comes to you, except that after it slips out, you sort of wonder if that was in any way, a little bit of a lie.

Personally, it feels a hell of a lot better to be kept in the dark, to keep the tinted glasses on, to keep the world feeling like it's spinning on a single axis and that, that is all that matters.

It was a lovely day,
But I am tired today. Today I am a mish-mesh of things, a collage of cut outs that are just about as much word association and metaphor as they are literal.
And I, am so brain-drained,
Kirsten's watching me doze and wake in front of her. It's terrible.

I will talk another time.

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