Monday, April 19, 2010

Truth on ceramic tiles

"The way you take a picture of someone is how you truly perceive them."

"Visualize an entire scene, or pick an emotion to feel, and then say this word. The key is to have the audience feel what you feel, see what you see."

Art, it has a way of taking our meanings and interpretations and then pouring out from us and onto the blank piece of whatever it is one has decided to work on. And that is why we feel so close to the things we produce sometimes. Especially the things we didn't necessarily work on, but just slipped out from the tips of our fingers instead.
Songs on napkins, acrylic on canvas, glass paint on ceramic tiles.
Because it's parts of us, that's melted into our work. Bits of our insides, having slipped out, quite by accident, and moulded intself into the piece.

And that's us at our most raw, isn't it?
When we look at the finished piece, take a beat, and then realize that it's saying exactly what we might have been thinking or feeling, without even realizing it.
When a word we don't normally use finds its way out of the lead of the pencil and onto the paper, and we do a double-take, unsure if we're even using the word correctly and then finding out, via dictionary dot com, that the word is most apt.

When we stop thinking and let our soul pour itself out, all on its own.

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