Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My incredibly lovely Tuesday

Today's two hour break had me hopping onto Afwan's bike and we took off to a Macs that wasn't Limbang Wet Market

We hung out and chatted and it was bril.
And after, I had Northbrooks, which I've missed terribly(:
As usual, they were lovely, and I honestly hope I'll get to take them for their last couple of lessons.

there was strawberry cuppycake, an acoustic version of Chariot playing more or less on repeat,
dying shoes that held together for long enough so I could spin about randomly on pavements because I wa just that happy.

And then there was sunset.

Sometime after half past five,
I found myself in a heap.

But by some kind of miracle, I managed to pick my brains off the floor, stare in awe and take in the everything that was this bella notte,
and come back home.

So yes,
this was my pretty perfect Tuesday; I loooved the balance.

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