Friday, April 30, 2010

It's time for the update that I don't quite feel like giving

so I just

The tail end of yesterday(it might have started in the lift ride up), spilling over into today, was a bit odd.
I couldn't quite place it, couldn't say for certain where or when it started, why or how.
I had no idea what it was that was bothering me, but it was there, bugging me half mad.

It's not over and done with, mind you.
I haven't managed to place it, and personally, I am one who believes that's the only way to make this feeling go away.
However, I am feeling considerably better, since my two-hour blade at East Coast Park with Bird.
And, after getting dropped off close to home and bus-ing it half way, I bladed around for an extra bit, just because. I quite liked it.

It's the first night without Mommy. Well, technically last night was the first night but then, The Little Creature still had dins with her.
SO, it's the first night without Mommy and I have decided to cook for us both.

Lets see what atrocities I will whip up this time(:

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