Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Sometimes we're the only ones that matter and that other times, we're tiny compared to the things around us."
She says this, on a carpet of green speckled with brown bits. My shoes, her backpack, my notebook, real life, in a carefully collected pile just out of reach.

And at the time, it's just a tad difficult to see the forest through the trees. Not that i didn't understand of course, it's just that i couldn't link it up with all that might or might not happen.

But then the sprinklers come on, and somewhere between dancing about in it and running off soaked to the skin, we stumble through the swinging doors of real life without even noticing it.

It leaves me a wee bit dazed, and i don't always know where i stand.
But when i look up around me, at the forest i can now see,
I realize, that i am tiny and insignificant compared to everything that's around us.

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