Friday, April 9, 2010

Brown leaves set against green, green grass

and no one's made weekdays so beautiful before

So. The week's come to an end already.
For some strange reason, in the last few weeks, i haven't been filled with the need to sigh whenever i realize that i'm about to embark on yet another week. I've always loved work, and still do, don't get me wrong. It's just, even the most passionate of people would sometimes think, "oh my word, there's woooooork."
And these weeks, i haven't been saying it with such immense dread in my voice. So it's nice.

I find my days are a decently comfortable balance these days, with just about enough time to smile and be insanely weird in class for the kids.

So. It's Friday, and i'm on the long and dangerous voyage back from my class (that ended at half five.) i've got to chuck my stuff down, drown myself in soap and water, and then head out again. Quite honestly speaking, i haven't the slightest idea how we're getting down tonight.

It's Tanny's 21st see, and as i type it, i realize that i'm pretty excited about it. Time to get fucktastically shitfaced, from what her event has promised. Although, i don't know really, if that'll happen. Been that long a while i suppose. Ah woe is me!
I've no idea what in the world to wear to the party either. Meh.
But what am i complaining about eh? Considering most of my Fridays nights for the last couple of years are usually spent working or just crashing out at home.
This is good(:

This week, it's been quite nice i'd say. It started off brilliantly on Monday and then Tuesday just completely blew my mind with absolutely everything from having a brilliant day at work to dinner (or lack thereof) and sunsets over glistening waters. Wednesday and Thursday saw me on a bit of a sugar high and then i sailed into Friday.
Friday, which has worked out lovely for me so far. Albeit hopping into just one more cab than i'd like. (the 72 bus queue stretched on for foooooooorever. It was ridiculous, i swear)
And oh Friday, it hasn't even finished yet! Ah, all these reasons to smile. It makes me want to dance around barefooted in grassy fields sometimes(:

and oh you bubble over, and i can't help this crazy smile i end up having

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