Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh why Hello You

Today turned out to be unexpectedly, surprisingly lovely,
and in quite a few ways too, might I add.

So I am nicely burnt, down one Chubby Hubby but up a Chubby Hubby, a Fudgy Brownie and a Smore.
Post- roasting session also saw me vegging out in an awfully nice, cozy way. After the spasming while playing Dead or Alive on The Little Creature's xbox that is.
I quite liked the unexpected company, it made me smile a whole lot more than I thought I would today.
Funny, that.

And then there was sushi for dinner with mommy and my on-screen daddy, and dessert.

And oh, there is tomorrow!(:
This girl is going to sleep a very happy bunny indeed.

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