Monday, June 6, 2011

But realizing again, it makes me smile

Sometimes, I forget how in love with you I am.
How annoyingly sappy I find myself, how I'd do anything to make you happy,
How it feels like I could keep doing this with you for ages on.

Sometimes I realize, how easily we could've missed each other. How likely we could've just not been.
How easy it is we fit now, when you pull me to you.

We've been awfully busy of late. I sort of don't want to miss out on saying Goodnight to you before you fall asleep, or See You Later when you head off to work, or I'm Home Now when I crawl into bed ages after you.

And I know I'm sappy, and I'm being such a shmuck but,
I love you. I hope you know.
Because I sorta also don't want to miss out on being enough of a shmuck to tell you, whenever I'm thinking it.

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