Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Curled up under a blanket, heavy with tomorrow's promises

Here's what I miss-
No matter how far away from you I might have felt during the day, we'd come back home together and manage to fix it before falling asleep.

I might've been more tired, and gone to bed first. You might have felt like watching telly after dinner.

And I'd crawl into bed first, tuck myself in, and leave one of the bedside lamps on for you for when you came to bed. You'd come in, just a bit after me, with your glass of water which you'd leave on the make-do table on my side. Turn out your light, and climb into bed.
Then you'd reach for me, curl yourself against me, nuzzle my ear and say goodnight. And I'd find myself leaning into you, and mumbling goodnight.

Somehow or other, from that, we'd always manage to end up talking. It might start off a tiny bit groggily at first, but we'd talk. And we'd be honest. And we'd find that we're okay.
And we'd fall asleep tangled up in each other, content and warm.

I miss that.
I miss that because it could have been the most fantastically wonderful day, or it could've been rather hectic, or it could've been tiring, or it could've been nice and comfy- but whatever it was, however our days turned out, at the end of all of it, we'd come through the front door together, take off our jackets and boots, say hi to the cat, find time for ourselves, find time for family, and find each other again.
And I liked that. I like that.

Feels like I'm home, with you. And I like that feeling.
And I like that we'd fall asleep to the thought of tomorrow. And I loved waking up to you pulling me closer, hearing the wind outside and catching the sun rise.
I always have loved waking up to you.

Just like I've loved coming home to you, or coming home with you.
Just like I've loved doing the simplest things- curling up on the couch and watching movies, planning our days, picking out outfits.
Just like I've loved having coffee in quiet streets, or sitting and watching the rain.

Just like I've loved knowing-
that I'm home, with you.

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