Friday, June 24, 2011

Somewhere on the outside, waiting

Keys on the floor, she could barely fit them into the lock.
Quite beside herself with giggles, she walks herself to the kitchen. "In a straight line!" She exclaims, pleased. No one's around to tell her that it isn't as straight as she thinks it is, so really, that's okay.
Pours herself a glass of milk first, then a separate glass of water, before leaning into the sink to drink from the tap.

She's been so sad, that now she's happy.
Except, she's so happy, that she's really quite sad.

Presses her warm, flushed cheek against the cool marble tiles. "Just for a while," she whispers, to the nobody that's around her, "just for a while."
And she lies still, until the spinning room slows down, until her head stops buzzing, until her breathing evens.
Until, she can picture herself in your arms again.

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