Monday, June 20, 2011

Post holiday blues

It's Monday.
And sure, I'm not at work but there's so many things to do and fuck, I think I'm getting frustrated just at the thought of all of it.
Of course I know that we can't always be on holiday and that there's always life to get back to.
Of course I know, also, that it'll turn out to be pretty damn boring if all we did was be on holiday all the time.
But right now, it's this two-fold thing where

1) I'm missing my hobo-time, because I haven't EVER had like a three month break or any kind of random break where I just sit around for weeks and not know where my next meal's coming from.
And yes, thank you, I am very much looking forward to my next six months, but I also have things lined up for me. Which I suppose I shouldn't be doing for myself. But then, I do anyway and GAWD, I just need to stop for two seconds and catch my breath butguesswhatIcan'tbecauselookslikeI'vegottarushforanauditionthisafternoon. Amongst other things for which my deadline is the end of this month which is only about-
OH LOOK! 10 days away from today.

2) I'm actually missing Perth. Like, the place. Atop the holiday mode and all of that.
It's a few things put together I suppose. How we are and such. And I'm fully aware of how holidaying some place is completely different from living there. But I'm just. I'm not just missing it like, "Oh I really loved Phuket. I could live there with a scooter and sell seashells."
I'm actually missing it.
Maybe working or doing things will be a good thing, then I can just stop thinking about it.

mmmm. I didn't actually get to eat this but I sure as hell wish I did now!

I like being happy like that(:

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