Sunday, June 19, 2011


So we just got in last night after a week away.
It was too short, too quick, too amazing, too beautiful. Most holidays tend to be though, don't they?
But I guess what I really really like, is that it sorta doesn't really feel final. There doesn't quite seem to be an air of finality.
Not when we were packing (we've left a couple of things behind we realized), not when we were walking along the beach and getting caught in the rain.
Not when we were saying goodbye and not even when we got dropped off at the airport.

We're back now, with shitty complexion (well more me than anything) and itchy noses and pressies to take out and the confusion, pure utter confusion of walking around home in a shirt and wondering why I'm not freezing. But I've missed my family and I've loooved giving them their pressies(:

Can't wait to talk about the trip and post pictures. Although I'll admit, honestly, Facebook makes pictures HEAPS easier. So I might have more there.

There are bits of being home that I don't like.
Like opening my eyes and realizing I'm not being hit by blinding white and a thick duvet and the sound of the wind right outside our window. Like finding that I'm waking up alone. Like realizing that there's a lot, quite a lot of things to be getting back to- in terms of work and things to do and just well, life really.

I'll go pick myself up a Uke, think about gorgeous sunsets and walks on the beach and random patches of grass and wants and promises and dreams and then,
and then, we'll just see how we go.

bring me sunshine, in your smile

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