Thursday, June 2, 2011


There are so many things for me to be excited about!
1) My new room
Omgomg, it's in my head, the layout, the new furniture, the everything. OMG.
I'm so excited. I likeeee.
I just spent this evening picking out bedframes online. Ah yes, this generation and its technology has done me wonders.

AAAAAAAAH. We're leaving in 10 days. Which honestly sounds a whole lot longer than it actually is. Hrmm. The week leading up to Perth just seems jam-packed with stuff. Almost sounds like we're going to be away for a decently long period of time.
Sadly, we're not): We'll be back in a week. BUT STILL. PERTH. YAY.
I can't wait.

3) Sunset Picnic with my Kuo Chuan Babies.'.much. Wow. And that's the thing, see. I like just hanging out with them in general. Because they're fun and hilarious.
I'm excited.

4) Next week will prove to be a deliriously short week-
Yes I'm working this weekend, but I've got two days off next week to packpackpack. If the youth program happens (which I do hope it does), that'll be quite cool.
But then, come Friday I'll be off and away! Well not literally.
Friday's actually Vic's birthday dinner. We need to sort that out. haha.


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