Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Okay. I know what's happening here!
My body clock is screwed up. Like, very very VERY screwed up.
Not even in a tangible, fixable I-sleep-at-3am-and-wake-at-1pm-kinda way.
It's half past two and I'm going to bed even though I'm bloody knackered and wanted to sleep since I said goodnight on the phone just now at, was it 11pm then?
Then I get up at 10am.

Well, today I did.
But for the last week we've been dozey by 7pm, well at least I have, then crawled into bed at half past ten or so(and believe me we were knackered by then). We'd fall asleep somewhere between half past one and half past four, because we'd chat and catch up with each other at the end of the day which is always nice.
And then My alarm will go off at 6am so that I can roll out of bed latest by 7am, because I take for-frikkin-ever to get ready while Erika takes all of fifteen minutes.
So I'm awake between like 6-7am and then we're fully awake and ready somewhere between 8-9am.
I don't understand that.

I was at 5.30 service with Erika on Sunday, and I was sort of a little bit dozey.
"Perth mode", she called it, tapping her watch that showed three minutes past six, "It'd be dark by now."
Granted. But I was sleepy by seven ish or so over there, and I am here too! Kind of. And want to sleep by 9pm.
Okay. I'm just confusing myself AND DELAYING MY GOING TO SLEEP.

Tomorrow looks like it'll be nice.
I've packed most of my shoes and all my trinkets. I just need to clear the shelf completely, and the black table.
Then I will go claim my much needed alone time.
And then, dinner's with AJ and Steph tomorrow. And we haven't seen them since they've moved out, so that'll be nice.

Oh, and I'm lining up potential babysitters for us.
I love teaching teenagers((:

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