Wednesday, June 22, 2011

for a heart worth a-breaking

Today seemed a pretty productive day! It's unbelievable how happy my Uke makes me(:
I was going at it as mommy drove me to and from the audition at the Esplanade. That one didn't go brilliantly I don't think.
I don't know- I never think I make fantastic impressions. For someone who's mostly be in theatre, and for most of her life at that, I'm very small.
That's why I'm also very boring to watch when I sing live, in my opinion that is.

But anyway! I digress!
I took mommy to Max Brenners. Mmm(:
And then I assaulted her with my Uke-plucking all the way home. Y'know as she drove/ got stuck in traffic/ shook fists and flipped people off. Okay naw, it wasn't really that bad. The drive back I mean. I'm not sure about the uke-playing, but I was happy(:

I found out that my Plinth guy is actually a Plinth woman! So that's funny.
I'm really really REALLY happy that I'm getting a Plinth laid down in my loo. And that I got that sorted out myself too(: so they'll come in on Saturday and take all day. Need to sort out the schedule with the family, come to think of it.

So anyway, I'm off for dinner now.
And noodoos are on the menu. I likey.

On my way home(:

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