Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something we haven't done for a while

So Sunday Brunch, or rather, brunch in general has been completely out of the question given our fantastic schedules of recent.
But this lovely, thunderstormy Sunday morning proved to be the loveliest unplanned surprise in a very long while.

After, I even managed a spot of shopping! And I am sooooo happy with my buys! I haven't been this happy with my shopping for a while, I like it. The happiness I mean. Well, and what I bought.
Of course the fact that I had to get something in a Small (which hasn't happened in absolute years) added to this generally happy feeling(:

Sunday crowds don't make very good movie company but- I REALLY LIKED X MEN.
Whoop! And I'm not complaining about my movie date either((:

I am a very happy bunny today.

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