Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The wind howls, where i'm at.
And no, i'm not kidding.

I am so hypocritical sometimes that it's not funny.
That's why i don't like making promises i can't keep.

I hate what she's doing to herself right now.
Hate that someone so close to me is slowly killing herself and i'm right there,
staring at her,
watching her die and i can't fucking do anything about it.
All i can do is stand there, feeling like i started it.
Feeling like i jumped into the quicksand with her but pulled myself out and, though i'm trying to get her out too, she doesn't want to be pulled out.

I'm suddenly missing Michelle like crazy.
maybe it's because i received a postcard from her recently.
It kind of reminds me that i'll be missing DD like this much too, except,
it sucks more because we never really spent time together and really don't think she'd write random post cards.

I had a lovely time with victor this evening after a long while of studying.
must do this more often.

Here we go again,
the week's only just beginning now.



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