Tuesday, February 26, 2008

cold morning wind

Today didn't go to waste. (or so i keep telling myself)

I studied a little, worked, took a four hour nap.
You'd kill to be me, i know.
I would too, i think to myself sometimes. Then again, it is tough, and i don't particularly fancy falling asleep with next weeks schedule running through my head.

I'm very pleased with myself because within a week, I've managed to finish two-thirds of my assignment.
One more question to go and TA DA, that'll be the official handing in of my first assignment.

Aldo is having a fantabulously amazing sale.
And don't we all know what gorgeous shoes they have?
Can you hear it? Do you hear what i hear?
It's my alarm clock going off to tell me IT'S TIME FOR SOME SHOE SHOPPING BABY!

When i live on my own (or am married, or like whatever), I need to be damn sure that i will have a walk in closet.
I am insanely anal about my shoes.
Arrangement-wise, believe it or not.
Unless they're sports shoes or slippers, i absolutely DO NOT leave them lying around. Gasp! What a completely ludicrous THOUGHT!

So, when i have my own space, my precious(es) will be on shelves, tilted the right angle, out of the sunlight to avoid bleaching and whatnot. etc.

Aren't you starting to hate me darling. heh.

I've got a show tomorrow, and i'm doing Carol's role. Which really sucks because I'm not very familiar with it. eurgh.

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