Thursday, February 21, 2008

my darlin', believe me

I received the pictures(and videos) of the christmas gig i did with Enqing at White Sands.

This is-in my opinion- the better video of the two.
i do wish we had videos of all our better performances but oh wells. not much we can do now darlings.

There's something awfully simple about this. i don't quite know how to explain it. But i really miss that part of my life right now, for the weirdest reason ever.


today's show went a lot better than yesterday's.
Right after, i went down to ACJC to give my baby beau moral support.

Aunty Kheng Mui is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS OKAY, i fucking sweeeaaar.
When i walked into the room, she said i shouldn't dress so sexy cos people can't run, they'll fall over themselves. hahaha
Then she insisted we should put V's art pieces around the room so that they will keep seeing it and her utter brilliance. She also took my huge Dior shades and said she should wear it into the admin office and pretend to be blind!

I was in absolute hysterics okay, i swear.

Gave Jumper a miss, but perked myself up with bits of shopping before coming home for dinner. The one day a week we get to have dinner together(:

i'm off to indulge myself in fantabulous music. Betcha wish you were meeeeeeeeeee

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