Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I used to do this as a kid; Fall asleep in my food


I am so insanely tired that it's not even funny.
To top it off(as usual), the cherry on top of my chocolate fudge sundae,
is the fact that there really is no peace for the wicked.

I was supposed to have my Thursday all to myself. Was supposed to be able to slug around, wake up late, read, cross stitch, watch television (God forbid!), drink orange juice, stay up late the night before(Tonight).
But pah!
I've to work the entireeee dayyyyyy!

Not that i'm quite complaining of course because i absolutely love acting.
It's the first thing i fell in love with;
And when all else fails me and fades, when i can no longer churn out arty-sounding lyrics and sounds that i can call music,
acting will still stay.

Unfortunately, i have realized, it will take me a while to um, escape the typical typecasting.
I've been picked to do an Ah lian gang leader- again.
For the, hmm, third time straight in a series of filming stuff.
What are the odds.

Worse still, i really don't know how i'll pull it off considering my wannabe squeaky-clean image which, (shut up okay!) i am very proud of.
My eyes are stinging with my new contacts. Okay, it's just my left and i can't quite figure out what's wrong. hmmm.

as of yesterday, I know of four couples (including yours truly) who had a ruined relationship as a direct cause of cheating.
Three out of four of those couples are back together and i am rather unnerved.

What a world this is,
that you have to hurt to learn and do things you can't see your own hands doing, as a final push to the brink that you've been edging towards for ages now.

Is one braver to stay and face life's cruelty or having the guts to jump out the window.
Most say the former,
but i think, either way, you lose

Everyone does. Lose i mean, because that's life.

Sometimes the gods play dice with the universe.

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