Friday, February 29, 2008


I am utterly disgusted with myself.

I might as well be honest-
Even though i'm not a fan of Wendy Cheng, i drop by her blog occasionally.
What i'm in for are consistent bloggers.
She doesn't fit into that category but it's not too bad if you drop by like once in a few months. Her pictures of shopping sprees are interesting though that's as far as it goes.

i am disgusted with myself because, while i often ignore her whole clicktv promotion, the whole acupuncture-to-lose-weight got my attention.
And after watching that, (and killing a couple of brain cells) I clicked on another one (death of more brain cells) and also, shoot me please, watched her shopping around Ikea.
it wasn't very interesting and don't ask me why i sat through it.

Now my brain has to re-solidify itself after becoming absolute slush.

On a much more interesting note, i am insanely happy with my gorgeous shoes.
Everytime I look at them, i find myself smiling.

I'm sending in my assignment soooon!

I'm having dinner with Santi-lin later at Clarke Quay's central.
My stomach's being a freaking bitch right now

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