Monday, February 18, 2008

Night Out with Charyle at the Bungy Bar

Photographs, as promised. It wasn't that difficult to get, considering Charyle and Yours Truly are such utter camwhores. hahahahah.

Well, this is the view from where I was sitting.
In the corner left of the picture, you'll see the back of a lady in a white top and three quarter pants. She's super hot and was celebrating her 30th birthday though we could've sworn she was only in her early twenties.
She asked to take a picture of us, and we told her to take the picture WITH us instead. So she got her friend Jason, who apologized for her being drunk, to take the picture. Afterwhich, out of courtesy i think, he sat down and chatted with us for a bit.

That's me and Charyle. I'm figuring you'd like to see pictures since only her name's been mentioned so far. hahaha
Omg. Isn't she estatic, now that i've kissed her! hahahaha.
Okay, i was kidding, that was my ego speaking

We figured that, for the oddest reason, my photo taking skills were better.

Model loooooooove!

If two people know each other's secret, then it's not really a secret anymore.
I won't tell if you don't-

Drunken stupor-
No, not really. Charyle doesn't get drunk, according to her and I, well, had very little to drink and can't seem to get drunk these days even when i try.

So that night, I gave Zouk a miss and dropped Charyle off before heading home where mommy gave me pizza and wings before I went to bed.

I think i might've said this before so I'm gonna shut up. hahahah

I'm still quite ill and feverish.
And there hasn't been much for me to throw together and eat.
Plus, i've to film and the worst bit, is that i'm gonna look like utter fucking crap.

I hope no one watches the show.
It's Crimewatch by the way, the first episode of the year. Though i don't know why i'm telling you this when I'd rather no one watch it.
I don't think I've a problem with the acting.

Just mainly the dressing cos i wasn't told what to wear and turned up looking like shit, thinking we'd be in uniforms.

argh. I don't want to even think about it.
Like TabTV wasn't bad enough):

Now i'm getting annoyed because, at least it sure as hell seems it to me right now,
i cannot get rid of retards, no matter where I go.


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