Friday, February 22, 2008

Ever just the same

My mini retail therapy session yesterday resulted in my buying two lovely lovely instrumental jazz cds.
The third song is A Whole New World.

Sorry, that was quite, quite random.

There're a couple of disney songs, (you know what an absolute sucker i am) and mostly movie songs. ie; My heart will go on (Titanic), I will always love you (Bodyguard)
stuff like that.

I went for an audition today.
It was very nice, very relaxed and i loved chatting with Melanie. Somehow, i didn't like, feel weird or like i was just babbling while she nodded politely.
I'm very drawn to her character and really want to play it((:

Akira's coming over at half past five later on.
I've to decide if i wanna go over to daddy's place later. hmmmmmmmm

I ought to take a nap first though.
Because i'm a grotesque slug who enjoys feeling my brain turn into slush.

Zachy's sleeping on his side, turning away from me.
Even though he didn't exactly do it on purpose, it kinda still gets to me.
Do you know what i mean?

I'll shut up.
Saxaphone is loooooove((:

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