Monday, February 25, 2008

Something to blog about it

I studied today!(: YAY ME!
Shit, aren't I a retard.

I used to have lots to say, grievances rant on about,
dirty laundry to air.
Now there's not much anymore.

No random, amazing epiphanies.
No fantastic things going on in my life.

Wait, the strange thing is, people always tell me that my life is eventful.
Because I'm doing project after project after project.
The thing is, during the projects, like Chingay for instance, my most recent one, I'm too insanely busy to blog about it.
And i pretty much figure you're not all that interested either.

I used to blog about them anyway though.
Cos if you know me, you'd know i don't really give a droplet of shit about whether or not you're reading and what you think. But then the work piled on.
And each event starts being real similar to the last, so much so that the edges blur and it's just like one huge long series of events.
Making it hard to write about my events differently cos they kinda sound the same to me.

1) Buy DNA magazine when it's out. I'll probably blog about it when it is, and it ought to be soooon.

2) Catch Crimewatch on Channel five at 9pm on March 23rd.
Or not, cos i'll look like shit (this is not false humility. i am in fbts -the small ones, not the baggy ones- and a tee that i wouldn't be caught dead in. But oh look, Singapore's gonna see it so i ought to go kill myself like right now)

3) Check out -
The link is on the side. I'm wondering if it's a non-profit thing because well, i always wonder that.
And i kinda think there's something good about having content that is so different from the usual.
Oh go check it out yourselves.

4) Some random place in my mouth kinda hurts right now. Like my gum got stabbed.

i found something to blog about after aaaaaaall.

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