Saturday, February 23, 2008

You watch a tiny baby fall asleep in its cot, and you're overwhelmed with this want, to do everything in your power to keep the world away.
To preserve innocence, to keep toufu skin from having even a scratch.

These thoughts don't seem stranger to me,
they fit easily into my head, nestling into dark corners, in between next month's agenda and all my reasons to quit smoking.

You can hear a person's hurt and angst, and, strangely, you can feel it too.
and you can cry. and you can be rendered speechless, helpless.
Common knowledge, that you can't say anything to make it okay.
Worse still, you're not right there.

I wish i could do more, but i feel so inept.

There's so much more i could say, i realize.
So many more words and alphabets to fill the empty space.
But i realize too that, there actually isn't.

There is nothing left to say about any of it.
Only what's important-

You will pull through, sweetheart.

You will.

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