Saturday, June 5, 2010

just kind of enough, at least for the people who matter

It's funny.
I wasn't actually very busy today-
A lunch appointment and the Night Safari later on.
So I had my afternoon pretty much free for the taking and I wanted to spend it with the family. Because well, I like doing that.
And it wasn't really anyone's fault that we were massively indecisive and unclear of the would-be plans.

It's just that being clear and honest ended up with finding out that sometimes, for some people, it's a case of all or nothing. And that there are just some who don't like feeling like all they've got are snippets of time.
It's not anyone's fault to be honest, some people can deal with that and some people can't. I suppose it's just unfortunate that that basically means that sometimes all you've got to give someone, isn't enough and won't ever be.
But it's not like you can force it down people's throats and have it be enough for them.
Have yourself be enough for them. You can't.

So you just write about it instead,
And wish you were

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