Saturday, January 15, 2011


You're a collection of one-liners, phrases, random words,
all of them running wild inside me, tangling themselves up and kicking, laughing, screaming as they try to untangle themselves.

I'm taken up by To Do lists, Must Meet Up Soon lists, I Miss Hanging Out lists. And when I'm busy, I am.
For the most part I am there, anywhere, in full. There is all of me present.

Still these words, they swim furiously about.
Brushing the insides of my skin the way cats wander past you.
Happy, bubbly and filling me. These words, these random thoughts, these pictures and these pictures of pictures.
They curl themselves out like smoke, whisper themselves into my ear, sneak across my skin. Sending jolts through me, I am momentarily distracted.
And for all of two seconds, three, sometimes ten seconds, twenty- I am yours.

you've got me.
Don't you see?

See how you've got me.

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