Thursday, January 16, 2014

from miles away

"Wouldn't trade you for anything else in the world."

And just like that I'm somewhere between being a teary crumpled up mess and remembering the feeling of being the most contented eleven year old ever. 


Maybe there are just some days that are just, like that. 
Days where you need someone to hold you, look after you and tell you that you're still pretty even though you know for a fact you look like a mess. 

Maybe there are some days that are just, like that.
Where how much you need or want something is completely irrelevant. And all that matters is that you pick yourself off the floor and get your shit done. 

Maybe there are some days, that are just- 
Falling back into work; knowing it knows you better than you know yourself, having everything else fit against you the way it should, while you block out this dull ache that's throbbing somewhere inside you. 

Maybe there are some days that are just. 
Like that. 


but she's the one I want to come home to,
the one I'll wait up for,
the one I'll share toothpaste with. 

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