Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year buzzzzzz

If I could close my eyes, i'd see you.
Fingers pushing wisps of hair behind my ear.
Mess of shy smiles, sparkling juice and tinkling laughter.

If I could close my eyes,
I might not want to open them again.

We're all hit with the Chinese New Year buzz.
Well, all but me i'd say.

I got to sleep in late today, which is more than good enough for me.
But unlike last year, I don't know if we're going out on our bai nian-ing tour round each other's houses.
I agree with V(i just stopped blogging momentarily to update myself on her life) and there's something about the visitation round to friends' places.
It's cliche to say this, but it's not really all the hong baos (i sweaaaar)
It's that i love hanging out with parts of my family and for about a day, it stills the nagging knowledge that i cannot have the best of both worlds.

I think people are lucky to be so close to their cousins. (now) I envy them when they say, "oh i'm going out for lunch with my cousin." It seems so nice to have like a sister who isn't close enough to get on your nerves. Not that janice gets on my nerves i'm just saying you know, it's like having a sibling who you can't really throw tempers at.
Anyway, my point is, when i finally end up spending New Years' like these with family, being choked to death with tradition and being told how fat i'm getting- all these things that people complain about now but which i only have to deal with (in Singapore) in minimal amount- by the time i get to that, i won't have close friends to go on bai nian-ing tours with me. Won't get to hang out with quirky family other than my own.
Tsk. So while I bring up the (cute but untraditional) topic of getting my hong bao money from my popo through Bank Transfer (either that or they save it til we go over during holidays), that might not change when i'm in the States because i'll have daddy to do the whole Hong Bao by bank transfer. Then maybe i'll snail mail him tea leaves cos i can't pour tea for him. ahhahaha

I'll probably end up with lots of Hong baos over there because of my uber huge family and all my married cousins. But like i've pointed out, the Hong baos never really mattered (this is the first year i'm saying this so you know it's actually real. haha), it was more the hanging out with people close to me.


I'm kinda annoyed at this horrid realization.

urgh. i don't win either ways you know.

Anyway, i suppose you'd like to know how the least traditional spent/ is spending her first day of Chinese New Year. Okay you probably don't, but then, i never asked you to read this. hah.

We were extra non-traditional this year and did without the Nian Gao and fish (nian nian you yu, or something).
Our reunion dinner was the reunion of, by gosh, ALL THREE MEMBERS OF MY FAMILY! It was special though, cos i've been working and we usually don't have dinners together anymore. So okay, reunion of the three of us and beer.

This morning, i slept in past noon and we had bacon and eggs for brunch. Yes indeed, untraditional to the utmost maximum.
Our clothes are basking in the lovely sun (it's considered untraditional too because it means you've left your clothes to dry over the year),
and we've been watching tv and eating up the oranges we're supposed to give people which is rather hilarious if you think about it. hmmm.
It's only the first day but Enqing's lovely almond cookies have gone down in considerable amount (see i told you they were nice!) and i think we're gonna run out of cooking gas soon.
Sad thought. hmm


I'm so lazy this year and so out of the Chinese New Year mood. Last year i was all hyped up and traditional and walking around in a freaking qi pao. This year it's a BLACK dress with wedges.
Coolios no? hahahahaha.

Okay, there's nothing else to do, so i'm gonna eat other people's oranges.

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