Sunday, June 8, 2008

So, break me

This is SPUDGE!
One of the kids' mothers made it for Sophie and she was sharing it in the office.
It's super delish, i swear!

I love work and lunches and snippets of free time and the assignments that i'm doing and actually getting full marks for!
Yes, omg, 100/100 for Visual Art Assignments:D

I've properly figured out Break Me, a song i wrote with Alastair.
Rather, he came up with a tune and i happened to have lyrics.
Don't know how that song works out though because i think he's still mad at me and right now, not in Singapore (i think) and i don't have the attention span to ignore him these days.

So sweetheart, if you read this,
the song's done and i just need your bridge. hope you're having fun wherever you are, even if you just crossed the border for dinner or something.

There are so many June Babies!

i'm lazy to type stuff that you're not all that interested in reading.
I do have a shit load of stuff to talk about but of course,
i keep saving it.
Then i'll explode.
Yay me.

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