Monday, September 12, 2011

Truth or dare?

To be completely honest-
I'd actually been looking forward to tonight- both dinner (which went brilliantly) and after.

I said in this case, you can't just blame one person.
Because to be fair, I might've done something to perpetuate it and not even known. Also because people can, have, and often will shove people off, regardless, and I don't know how to do it like that.

I know you weren't mad at me. But some of the things you said stung. Wow. Like, ouch.
I am aware, of course, of how much cleaner she was/is and how I come with my own station wagon of things to deal with. But, wow.
Then again, you're not the first today. Not that I'm giving out prizes.

The best thing that could've happened to me on my way home, would have been for my cab driver to swing round the corner so wildly that he was unable to avoid the oncoming car crashing into us.
But dammit, I'm out of wishes today.

It's back to work tomorrow.
For once, I'm not all hopped up.

This will be an interesting week-
It's barely started and I already feel empty.

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