Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In the way that we're constantly moving,

reminds me of home

I like this, this whole time on my hands thing.
It isn't half bad I think.

I'm listening to songs on repeat, hanging out with JessC (by that I mean trying out new songs on her),
Or maybe I'm reading and I think I'm writing when I'm actually not.
That's a thought. No, no, I do actually believe I've been writing.

Half awake this morning, I found myself reaching for her, and realized my bed didn't have anyone else in it besides myself.

I've had breakfast with Greys' Anatomy and finished off the cup of coffee I made. I might go get myself another cup, it's pretty damn good coffee, you must know.
Of course, this morning being the morning that it is, I'm working my coffee machine with my bed hair and smudged eyeliner while still in my oversized tee that's falling off my shoulders and I'm thinking,
"I want to make her coffee in the mornings."

I'll trade you kisses for the bits of yourself that you've left with me

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