Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The rest of my life

So, as financial plans always tend to do,
I got started on thinking about things a little further down the road.
Okay here's the thing, I do that on a pretty regular basis anyway. But when there are more tangible things to take into consideration, when you're discussing investments and life coverages with your financial consultant who's been with you for the last three years (and you realize, "Wow, that's a while."), when the forms you fill out and the risk assessments have a column for your spouse,
when your consultant is less intent on telling you all about the newest plan and more interested in asking you about your priorities, I guess that's when you're more aware that it might be time for an upgrade in plans or you're at a good spot to reassess your life.

So here I am.

Which is a very different place from where I was when I started up my first investment/savings plan.
I mean now for one, I don't plan on taking off forever in the next five years. I've also been working for longer. I'm also counting down the years I've got left to save up for children. I don't know how healthy that is but let's not go there.

If I'm going to be talking about priorities, then it's family.
More so now than five years ago. Family like, my family now, and the one that will come along in time.

This whole thinking ahead's always given me pretty pictures, but I think it'll do me good to start sifting through what I want and where I want/ need to be and see head in that direction.

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