Friday, June 14, 2013

The music playing on

For only two 

We're all commas and ellipses- trailing off, coming back, getting to know each other in the spaces between our words.

I got started on wondering...
When is it exactly that people continue having conversations but stop listening to each other? Or worse, decide that what the other has to say isn't of any importance, and so, stop. 
It feels like such a gradual, almost inevitable thing- how conversations quietly shift into being about the groceries, whether the cat is fed, if we should cook the next time we pop by my Mom's place. And I think, I'm wondering if there are parts of me afraid of how easy it is to stop taking people in for who they are and, in the case of Significant Others, just always being caught in conversations that revolve around the to-do list on the fridge. 

I hope we don't wake up one day to find ourselves there. 
I want to spend as much time as I can/as it needs, getting to know you. And then after, I want to know more..

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