Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Define Normal

Define normal-

That's what i'm supposed to be doing, trying to be doing.

It's normal, that people my age fight with their parents and go for months refusing to talk to them.
It's normal, that people my age change boyfriends/girlfriends as fast as they change their undies.
It's normal, that people my age worry about their O level grades and think about their next major step in life.
It's normal, that people my age look for jobs to fill their time and then boast to their friends about earning $5 an hour.

But if it's so normal, why does fighting with my parents and going more than twenty-four hours without speaking to my mom mean that it's a really really bad thing?
I can't be bothered to talk about the rest either.

How strange, no?
Least I think it is.

Mommies call their kids special, in this case.
Sometimes it's a tad far off normality for my liking. Don't get me wrong on that though, if you know me you know how i'm screaming to be different all the time.
That "I wouldn't be comfortable unless i were distinctive".
But just so you know, it gets me now and then.

Like my baby sister saying to me,
"Jie, why don't you go to a normal school like everyone else?"
And me wondering, why are THOSE referred to normal schools? Just because everyone wants to go there?

But first,
Define Normal-

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