Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roxane Velvet

You might have noticed a new being, on the right of this page.
Very pink, and very asleep. Until you click on her and wake her up that is!

Homer was a bit mad today.
I slipped on my way out and slammed into the gate, resulting in a swollen ankle. It's horridly painful and hurts to walk.
i ought to go put medicated oil on it like Enqing told me to.

ANYWAY(no prize for winning the bet love)
I adopted a pet today!
She's my new baby and absolutely adooorable!

Enqing is of course creditted in helping me pick her out, complete with colour(:
After like forever, and the bouncing around with a couple of names, we decided to name my pretty baby bat
Roxane Velvet.
Isn't it just an adorable pretty name? Isn't it, hmmm?

Anyway, she's really really cute.
if you click on her, she follows your little arrow everywhere. If you stay still, she'll circle it curiously and when you click on more, you get to feed her with the fly!
She'll send out ultra sounds of sorts to get it, just make sure you manage to get it to her and click.

Enqing's officially the Godfather of Roxane Velvet while his Choco is Roxane Velvet's godbrother.
Choco, by the way, is a hamster. hahaha

I'm absolutely knackered and should get to bed like now.

Rehearsals were a killer and i've got early classes tomorrow, finishing at half past five, after which i've got practice with qing.

I'll see you at the next Block Partyyyyy!

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Anonymous said...

aww. the bat's so cute. you know, if you flick the mouse around, her head kinda spazzes. haha.