Tuesday, January 8, 2008

what a lot of world to see

"Stella says she has never felt such pleasure before. Size really DOES matter!"

haha sorry, cheap thrill.
The only bit of spam that caught my attention.
oh whatever

Today started out a fabulous day;
My first student was fine and the second one's made improvements.

I was done by two because i moved my lesson up so i had the rest of my day(kind of anyway) until the photoshoot.
So i bathed and went to Ang Mo Kio Hub, to the BIG studio to drop off stuff for Sham and chat with Karen.

Enqing wasn't well in the morning and had the day off and so, was in the area after his visit to the doctors'. We met up and he accompanied me to the studio after which we parted ways.

It's all fine up to about this point, where i bus it to the old grapevine and, because i was scared vee was pissed and embarassed that her friend was the latest for the shoot, cab it to the station.
Apparently, and i only find out when i call, the shoot is after five because five is when the girl finishes school.

Everything drags on, including meeting twin ,and in the end what happens is vee cheez and i start off hobo-ing around and are joined by T, Lizard and eme.
So we sit around, smoke too much, traumatize and torture the ants carrying bits of cheezels and basically waste away two hours.
We were actually there for more than two hours come to think of it, but by the time she arrives, i'm leaving.

Then twin's train gets held up somewhere and i feel bad, filling Enqing's ear with my pathetic whines and bitch fits while he patiently talks to me about knitting and fluffy green stuffs that i can almost imagine.

Dinner was at my favourite japanese restaurant and i got a bit of twin time before dinner where we caught up and infected the mall with our horridly consecutive bimbo moments.

i've got more than one reason to be annoyed.
One of them is that i broke three nails today and complete random.
i'm in quite a foul mood now and feel like blogging too much or just crawling into bed.
There's so much to say but i don't feel like telling the whole world in the least.

lucky you if you are miraculously able to get into my private blogs. or maybe not, because no one knows.

i get the last laugh.

oh look,
it's raining, like a bitch with her period, like my air con.


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