Monday, January 7, 2008

bare minimum


Work was awfully tiring today.
The youngest, for some reason was horribly restless and the other one had me writing his entire speech. Sometimes it kinda feels like i'm dying, sitting there, melting into my freaking chair.

Anyway, right after work i met up with Ner to go back to school for House Meeting. School will always be school. Wasn't my smartest move, going back, especially to cheer because i've to sing at Ryan's studio with Enqing in a couple of hours' time. pfft. oh wells.

The house meeting was a decent turn out and we had tonnes of freshmen wanting to be cheerleaders. unfortunately, the older ones weren't half that enthusiastic. Nonetheless, it was good and we got them on the first cheer.

Enqing just got off work, time for me to go!


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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that incredibly delicious ham and cheese omelette you had (: