Thursday, January 31, 2008

Liar Liar, thongs on fire

Isn't it strange,
how, when you ask someone online how they're doing, you think nothing of them replying
"Great. How about you?"

Except, when i replied that, i was feeling the exact opposite.
I'm sorry, i lied.
(psst. i'm sorry darling)

But then, it wasn't all that bad afterall.
Because instead of having to talk about it and all that rubbish, for a while, i was laughing and smiling at these insane ideas we were coming up with.
Like, random bullshit.
And for a while, it really was okay. It really was.

I should go for a walk and study.
But then, it's so late.
When i say it's so late, i'm implying that, even though i just got up from my nap a couple of hours ago, i'm headachey enough to crawl into bed again.
Besides, then i won't feel hungry.
Well actually, i don't feel hungry now. I think my body's used to not eating dinner already.

Shouldn't i rest more considering my long day ahead?
work ends at five, with rehearsals starting at six.
Those will end pretty late for sure.
Tomorrow's thursday, which means the one day that mom's back home early.
Then again, she's quite unlikely to talk to me anyway.

okay, shutting up

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