Monday, January 28, 2008

too long, too long

Baby, I'm missing you already and I don't know when the fuck i'll see you again.
There's so much about you i should have treasure and kept close to me, and i didn't.
I hate that.
But i do love you and want to see you like, damn fucking soon

i suppose we all had our emotions stirred.

It's been too long a day for me;
Too lonely, too sad. Too filled with time to think about things i don't know if i want to think about.
But facts are facts, Dory baby's gone.
Facts are facts, nothing good comes from distance close enough to hurt.

How strangely childish,
never thought i'd find myself back here in this time and place.
With so few to understand.
I've managed to talk about the main thing bothering me.
Which makes it easier to bear with, because you can talk about it;
You can put words to it.

The problem is when you can't.

The heart shaped glass, empty, still stands on my table.
Your memories flood me and i wonder where i stand, if i stand in your life at all.
I wanted to talk, i really did.
About everything, and nothing at all.
You weren't there for me though, but then, no one is.

I'd be fucked if not for baby vee and Ann.
Thank God for them

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