Sunday, January 6, 2008

used to know

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Don't we all just want to do that sometimes? I know i do. heh

Her name popped up today, while we shopped.
And i realized, and mentioned so too, that she is just someone one shouldn't be bothered about.

I don't know why this gets me sometimes. Perhaps i am too fortunate to have amazing friends who, like me, are not really bothered by grotesquely superficial things and who are always around when you really need them.
Maybe because she's the first person i've called a friend but whom i realized shouldn't really be given such a title- if i might use that term.

Anyway, i realized she's the sort that you think about and might even mention a memory to some friends about. But all in past terms, past tenses.
"A friend I used to know"
Isn't it sad?

I also noticed how, sadly, if i'd been in school with her, she might have turned out to be the sort i'd hang out with. But knowing her now has made me learn the difference between a friend and an aquaintance.

please do ignore how i sound like a bitch right now.

In fact, it's even suprising, i must say, how i could have, at some point in time, have had things to talk about with her. Or the time to listen to her rants and raves. Or the patience.
It's difficult to imagine having anything in common, let alone anything to talk about, with someone so seemingly shallow and superficial and above all, wrapped up in herself.

The thing is, i know she's got her good points. She's really nice sometimes and always seems to have good intentions. I just get sort of crabby thinking about her i suppose.
And like i said before, she's just someone i used to know.


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