Saturday, January 5, 2008

shopping makes the world go round! and sun too

One of the random Christmas trees along Orchard Road(:

I noticed all my recent pictures mostly consist of Enqing. You see, that is why i'm keeping myself from buying a camera, though clearly that isn't enough.
That's the problem with camwhores, and i am admittedly, very much a cam whore. haha

So anyway, Dory arranged a luncheon with the five of us and i dressed up and looked forward to it because well, i don't know when i'll next get to hang out with her before she leaves.
The text came in the morning, saying what time we'd all be meeting and i was left with that impression even when i met V at the station. Even when i was on the train with her. Even when we walked out and went to Starbucks.
Then i realized, D had church and Bird was lazy. hahahahah.

We hung out with Tanny for a bit though, and Ner after that.
Oh gosh, i went on a complete and utter shopping spree today! haha.
I'm so insanely happy, and i was left contented, and in a fabulous mood for hours!

There seems to be a random, no-reason sale going on in various places. Some might call it post-Christmas, but i'm just gonna call it lets-go-on-sale-for-Charis Vera-season!
Topshop/Topman has really great discounts. I've never been an avid shopper there though i've checked out their sometimes over-priced, sometimes unoriginal stuff. Especially because V at one point always walked in. Though i've had stuff from the shop, i've honestly never actually bought anything there.
But everyone knows how 2008 is far different and already, absolutely fabulouso!

So i bought amazingly cute knickers at a killer price. (AND OMG, I JUST LOVE TOPSHOP KNICKERS OKAY. JUST SO YOU KNOW. THEIR THONGS AND FREAKING COMFY)
And i bought this really sweet and pretty dress. It totally goes with this whole reinvented decent-non skanky look. (HAH. In your face V! i'm so not sleazy! hahaha. i love you)
The dress is just really pretty, and i would use the word pretty instead of beautiful because it's not the kind of drop dead gorgeous, stunning dress that i'd usually grab off the rack. Instead, it's very much a mommy-favourite, and sweet.
The material's really nice too!
Okay, the biggo question, isn't it? How "fabulous" exactly is this sale?

Well, for such a nice dress, originally priced at $143,
I bought it at $53! like ZOMG ZOMG right?
And no, i didn't pick it up out of the bargain bin and it doesn't look crabby. It was on the rack like everything else, all pretty and new.

ZARA was also having a lets-go-on-sale-for-Charis Vera-season! Ner had already finished her rounds there and so, over a hotdog and juice, told us about her splurges and i was adamant on getting one of them darling knitted sweaters/cardies/whatever!
So with like, five minutes just before the cab swung round, we went into Zara and i got this absolutely beautiful off-white knitted top. It was on the same table as the sweaters but they didn't look that nice. I'll go check out another outlet next Saturday when i go shopping with Enqing!
The top was beautiful and i'm a very very happy girl right now, save for my rather raw burns, especially where alastair decided to be a darling and slap me right on the most painful burnt section.

I've officially spent out what i gave myself to spend out of my pay though):
At least i think so, because it seems like $80 has sort of disappeared without me quite knowing how. hmm.
How awfully perturbing.

Yesterday was just wonderful too.
Enqing came over early, just before eight, and we went to walk Homer together. So after an hour of watching him run in random directions, we sent him home and soon after, headed to Harbourfront. Except of course, we had to pick a few things from vivo which set us back about fifteen minutes. We did manage to catch the afternoon sun though, explaining our terribly burns though he doesn't seem to be suffering quite as badly. haha

We fell asleep and only succeeded in properly roasting our back and not our fronts. Especially because the drizzle started and we spent the next forty-five minutes out of the sun (yes, the sun came out after two minutes of drizzle and us running off), and in the shade, quenching our thirst and camwhoring.
When we finally got back into the sun and laid out our mats, the sun disappeared and it started to pour. Whereby we declared it a day, and definitely To Be Continued and settled back at the Cool Deck to enjoy the remnants of our chips and grapes and tomatoes.

All in all it was lovely because we enjoyed Ben & Jerry's smoothie and ice-cream in the sun as well as food we brought along. (Brilliant smoked salmon!) haha. Making you envious yet, dear reader?(:

I do think that once in a while, we should just take an off day to do stuff like that. It does you wonders.

The early evening was spent grocery shopping like crazy and then heading home to help Enqing with the cooking and stuff. Half in and out of darkness, due to the use of our ten year old oven that short circuits the house everytime it's in use. haha

Dinner was wonderfully cooked, (Can't thank you enough hon! haha) and dessert was a bit of a task but not too bad.
Stayed up playing Monopoly, which we didn't finish in the end and we all crawled to bed past three in the morning. haha

That's been my wonderful weekend for you! haha.
There'll be pictures, if i can get my hands on them that is. haha.


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