Thursday, January 17, 2008

knackered, undeniably

I have to fucking get to bed this fucking minute.

I got home at quarter to ten tonight and ate my first meal of the day. Wonderful.
Today's been incredibly draining indeed.

Now my head's ringing, i'm tired, and my little korean girl's started school which means her tuition has to be earlier starting tomorrow.
Which means i have to leave the house at eight in the bloody morning. I'd change the timings but i can't, really.
gotta start the driving plan asap.


I think the killer today was rehearsals. We did two full runs which absolutely killed me and then, that completed, i went for the recording of the song.
Hope i'll get it soon!

i feel like i'm dying.

Long day tomorrow which includes, early morning class, photoshoot, art exhibition (Donna's!)
followed by practice.

i'm gonna go jump off my building now


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