Saturday, January 19, 2008

back to back to back

wow, i seem to have beat yesterday's timing by having my first proper meal of the day at 11.30 today.

Today, like most days of my life recently, was incredibly hectic.

You see, i have this horribly recurring problem;
My schedule is almost always packed back to back to back, either that or i have an entire day free, either THAT or i've got stupid random three hour spaces in between one programme and another.
Those annoy me sometimes, though it does calm me down somewhat. Just having tea with myself and reading and for once, not rushing about.
But it's tough to do that you see, bang in the middle of a back to back schedule.

The photoshoot with Shutter Bug for February's issue of DNA magazine went just fine though it was longer than i expected. As a result, we missed the reception of Donna's art exhibition (Non Sense at SMU).
I met Enqing all the same, after he was done shopshopshopping and i was done with my shoot.
Then we walked (and ate jaffa cakes too, thaaaaaank yooooooou!) and finally found our way into the exhibition where we only properly looked at two pieces.
One being Donna's installation and another being a roomful of pictures but which i thought was absolutely fantabulous.

Having been delayed more than an hour, we got to Enqing's place close to ten i think.
I felt awful, cos everyone seemed like they were busy heading off to bed. And i felt like we were keeping the entire block awake, more than just his entire family.
Anyway, we practiced a whole bunch before i said my goodbyes and we headed off for dimsum which was like, my first meal of the day. hahaha

Now i'm sitting in front of Heather, with a face mask on and freezing half to death.

i've to be up early tomorrow.
Weekend? Yea Right.
Don't seem to be much of a difference really.

A million and one things to do.


PS: I LOVE YOU VEEEKTOR and i'm glad i didn't lose you today. I'd just have dropped dead too):


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